How to colour the back bits that you can’t see

Don’t get us wrong, doing the back section can be tricky. But it is not impossible and can actually be quite easy if you have the right technique + sectioning pattern. We’ll take you through step-by-step how to do the back section and we promise you will get the hang of it in no time!

Step 1.  Section your hair

Most colour brands tell you to section your hair into 4 parts (two at the front and two at the back), and to be fair that is how we do it in the salon too. But it’s a bit harder when a professional is not standing behind you colouring your hair for you. So we’ve created our at-home sectioning pattern to make it easier for you. We do our colour at home ourselves as well and this is how we do it…

 Section your hair into 2 sections at the front and only 1 at the back. 

Do this by running your fingers from the top of your ear to the crown of your head (the top back part). Then tie that top section up in a bun (like a 90’s one-on-top). 

Tie the bottom section into a ponytail and let the top section out. 

Part the top section in your natural part (or in the middle if you don’t have one). Then clip the two top sections on either side of your head.

Now you will have two sections at the side and one at the back. The back section should start from just under the top of your head.  

Step 2.  Colour the back

Mix the colour as per instructions – see here for colour mixing tips. Scoop a small amount of colour onto your brush, then using your other hand as a guide, feel to where the two top sections and the bottom section meet. Paint along that line in a downward motion.  

Now take the next section. Place your free hand 2cm (roughly) down from where you just painted, use the pointy end of the brush to then separate the section by running the pointy end along your head from the opposite side to meet your free hand.

Pinch the hair on the top of the brush and lift. Now you have just created a nice neat section without seeing it!!! Go you good thing!

Paint then repeat until you have reached the bottom near your nape. 



By using this sectioning pattern it means that the back section is actually hidden by the side sections (because it starts further down the head). This means that if you do mess it up a little, no one will ever see it.  

Start with the back first! – Unless you have lots of greys at the front and top that you really need to cover (in which case do that first), it is easier to start with the back first.

Use a back mirror. Not everyone has this and sometimes it can confuse rather than  help. But it is a great way to see if you have sectioned it out properly. 


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