Everything you need to know about hair colour.

We’ve created this colour library so that you have all the information to make an informed decision when choosing to colour your hair.

If you want to know if colouring your hair at home is right for you, take this quiz to find out.

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09 – Blonde

08 – Dark- Blonde

07 – Light Brown

06 – Brown

05 – Dark Brown

04 – Very Dark Brown

Colouring your hair at home

The best way to get rid of grey hairs in no time at all

Greys are annoying. Unless you have embraced your inner silver fox and are letting your greys grow out (easier said than done!), it seems like you are constantly struggling to cover them up! If this is your monthly struggle, here is a sneaky hairdressers trick on how to get rid of those visible greys in a super short amount of time. 

Colour your hair without getting it all over your skin and bathroom

Is it possible to colour your hair without getting all over your skin, clothes and bathroom? … The answer is – YES! So many people ask us about this and there is definitely a way around it. Here we list out everything you need to do a clean colour application at home. 

How to colour the back bits that you can’t see

Don’t get us wrong, doing the back section can be tricky. But it is not impossible and can actually be quite easy if you have the right technique + sectioning pattern. We’ll take you through step-by-step how to do the back section and we promise you will get the hang of it in no time!

Is hair colour damaging to your health and hair long term?

Let’s get some things cleared up, colouring your hair at home is not for everyone. That is because some colours are too strong and should remain in the hands of a profressional. Also some people can have a severe allergic reaction to hair colour. But the right colour on people who are not allergic is safe and easy to do.

Permanent vs Semi-permanent, which is right for you?

With so many different options when it comes to hair colour, it’s hard to know which is the best one for you. Here we break down what are the technical and practical differences between the different types, so you can know which one is the best for you. 

When you shouldn’t colour your hair at home.

Home hair colour is advancing in leaps and bounds, but there are still many colours that you should never try to attempt at home. We list them here for you so you know what to avoid. 

How do I dye my hair at home? 

Colouring your hair at home can be a simple and cost effective way to get your hair looking how you want it without all the fuss of going into a salon. Here are our steps on how to colour your hair yourself at home.

How often do I dye my hair at home?

We hear you – sometimes it feels like only a week after your last hair colour and you can already see those annoying greys coming through. Tempting as it is to colour your hair every week, we typically recommend no sooner than 4 weeks between colours. 

How long do I leave the colour in for?

How long you leave the colour in depends on your natural hair colour, what dye you have chosen to use and what result you are hoping to achieve. However, the general rule for our MIIROKO hair colour is 20mins.

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