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MIIROKO Hair Colour

$65.00 (inc GST)

An all-in-one colour kit for a clean and easy colour application at home. Keep this kit and you only need to order the refill next time.

Not sure what colour is right for you? Start the colour consult to get a colour recommendation from a hairdresser.

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What's in the kit


  • $45 Hair Colour
  • $15 Tool Kit
  • Colour: 100ml and Developer 150ml
  • Tools: Brush, bowl, gloves, clothing protection cape, touch-up brush, hair clips and paper instructions.

Who is it for

Perfect for blending greys, adding shine, going slightly darker or toning your hair.

Our colours are not recommended for anyone looking to do a drastic change with their hair colour.

Do the colour quiz to find out if colouring your hair at home is right for you.

Key features

Green tea, almond oil, aloe extract, A2 ceramide, jojoba oil,  bisabolol, vanilla extract, wheat aminoacids.

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09 – Blonde

08 – Dark- Blonde

07 – Light Brown

06 – Brown

05 – Dark Brown

04 – Very Dark Brown

Real results

Roots: 08 – Dark Blonde

Ends: 09 – Blonde

Roots: 08 – Dark Blonde

Ends: 09 – Blonde

Roots: 07 – Light Brown

Ends: 08 – Dark Blonde

06- Brown

07 – Light Brown

05 – Dark Brown


Thank you for my beautiful colour! It covered my greys and left my hair looking healthy and refreshed. It was so easy to use.

– Mehri

Beautiful colour, my husband applied it for me and he had no trouble with it. I’ll be a repeat customer for sure!

– Amelia

Absolutely love this colour! Would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to refresh their colour at home!

– Ash

Great colour, easy to use. Make sure you have a bowl and brush if you don’t buy the kit. 

– Alicia

Salon-quality results at home

With MIIROKO hair colour you can colour your grey hair, get rid of brassy tones and get balayage colour results. The gentle hair dye is guaranteed to give you beautiful results and won’t damage your hair.

Find your perfect match

Subscription home hair colour of salon standard quality, where you have direct access to hairdressers to help select and apply the colour at home.

Colour Refill


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Colour Refill

Order your colour refill anytime, or have it delivered automatically at a time that suits you.

Not sure what colour is right for you? Start the colour consult to get a colour recommendation from a hairdresser


What's in the kit

Colour 100ml and developer 150ml

Who is it for

Colour Refill, is  for anyone who has already purchased the MIIROKO Home Hair Colour Kit.

Do the colour quiz to find out if colouring your hair at home is right for you.

Key ingredients

Green tea, almond oil, aloe extract, A2 ceramide, jojoba oil,  bisabolol, vanilla extract, wheat aminoacids.

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This colour requires a bowl and brush to apply. If you don’t have any at home, purchase the colour and tools for an extra $15.

Frequenty Asked Questions


Yes, our hair colour is perfect for covering greys, it will give you up to 90% coverage with the Grey Coverage mix. Learn about the mixes here. 


Simply mix our colour tube and developer at a 1:1 ratio (we recommend 50g colour and 50g developer) and leave it on for 30 minutes. If you have stubborn greys, leave the colour on for up to 1 hour.


MIIROKO hair colour lasts 4-6 weeks depending on your hair type. If you find your hair fades quickly we recommend setting the colour subscription to every 4 weeks so that you are covered.


Our colours are technically a demi-permanent, which mean they are in-between a semi-permanent and permanent colour. It takes to the hair like a permanent and will start fading at the 4-6 week mark like a semi-permanent.



Unfortunately we don’t have any red/ auburn or copper shades available at the moment, but they are a work in progress! Get in touch with us and we can let you know when they are being released. 


Our colours are very gentle, so they will not be able to lighten your colour much. Only bleach and very strong chemicals can lighten hair, which our colours are not. We suggest you go to a hairdresser to get your hair lightened and then you can use our colours to maintain your colour at home.

Sustainable home hair colour

MIIROKO home hair colour is Resorcinol, Ammonia and PPD free. We believe in sustainability and doing our part to save the environment, therefore we are 100% vegan and cruelty free. Our kits are also reusable and made from recycled materials.

Our colour

Ultra soft permanent hair colour made with 8 active care ingredients for beautiful natural colour.

A hybrid between semi-permanent and permanent hair colour, our range of naturals gives up to 90% grey coverage and lasts 4-6 weeks for beautiful natural results.

Our range

A hybrid between semi-permanent and permanenet hair colour, our range of naturals gives up to 90% grey coverage and lasts 4-6weeks for beautiful natural results.


We obsess over our colour ingredients. What do they do, where do they come from, what can we add, what can we leave out?

Our colour is ammonia + PPD + resorcinol free, which makes it softer and more gentle on the skin and hair. We’ve created our formula to be low in ethanolamine to reduce the harsh grow-out line of permanent hair colour.  Oh and we’ve done it all without adding fragrance.

Conditioning agents

These power ingredients are what makes our special formulation so nice on your hair.

Green tea smoothes the cuticle

Almond oil rehydrates the hair

Aloe extract soothes and calms

A2 cerimide protects & strengthens

Jojoba oil protects & repairs

Bisabolol anti-inflammatory

Vanilla extract gives shine

Wheat aminoacids conditions the hair

Colour actives

For the science buffs, these are the ingredients which get to work inside the hair shaft.

Oleth-5 Phosphate + Dioleyl Phosphate, Toluene-2,5-Diamine Sulfate, 4-Chlororesorcinol, Phenyl Methyl Pyrazolone, p-Aminophenol, 2-Amino-4-Hyrdroxyethylaminoanisole sulfate,  1-Naphthol,  m-Aminophenol,  

We have left out the most common irritants in hair colour, which are Ammonia, Resorcinol, PPD, PEG/PPG, Parabens.


Our claims

Our hair colour is vegan, cruelty free, PPD, ammonia, resorcinol and fragrance free. Our kit is also reusable and made of recycled and eco-friendly materials where possible.