How-to colour your hair at home.
Easy step-by-step instructions for every hair and colour type!

How to cover your

Want to cover your grey hair? These simple step-by-step instructions will show you how to cover your greys in no time!

How to colour your

Touch-up your regrowth at home with these simple steps on how to colour your regrowth!

All over hair colour

Looking for a colour change? Learn how to refresh your colour all over with this easy guide!

Our range of home hair colours


A hybrid between semi-permanent and permanenet hair colour, MIIROKO’s range of naturals gives up to 90% grey coverage and lasts 6-8 weeks for beautiful natural results.

09 – Blonde

08 – Dark- Blonde

07 – Light Brown

06 – Brown

05 – Dark Brown

04 – Very Dark Brown

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