Quick Hairline Touch-Up

What you’ll need

  • MIIKOKO Colour Kit
    • Colour & Developer
    • Bowl
    • Touch-up Brush
    • Gloves
    • Clothing protection cape
    • Comb
  • Kitchen scales
  • Timer (on your phone)

See full video on how to do a hairline touch-up. 


Set up

  1. Wear a button-up shirt
  2. Put on gloves and cape


Prep your hair

  1. Start with dry, combed hair.
  2. Using a comb, part your hair down the middle into two sections.



  1. Using kitchen scales, mix 20g of colour with 20g of the developer (this is the Grey Coverage touch-up mix). 


Apply colour to brush

  1. Scoop a small amount of colour onto the paint brush. Hold it still while using a twisting motion with the touch-up brush to transfer the colour.
  2. Ensure the touch-up brush is saturated with colour. 



  1. Using the touch-up brush that is saturated with colour, start to paint the colour directly on to your regrowth – where your greys are most prominent.


    Take the next section

    1. In small 2 cm sections parallel to your part work your way down the hairline on one side of the head. 
    2. Be sure to completely saturate the hair with colour. 


      Around the ear

      1. Hold the pieces of hair around the ear with a small amount of tension.
      2. Using a twisting motion with the brush, slide the colour from where your hair starts at the root to where the grey hairs end.


      Repeat on the other side

      1. Repeat the above steps on the other side of your head all the way down the hairline. 


        Set timer and relax

        1. Set your timer and and relax

        Timing for root touch-up 
        30 minutes

        Or see your personalised instructions



        1. Rinse by shampooing the hair twice and conditioning from roots to ends. 

        You’re done! 

        Hair colour hints

        Want to know our top tips to get the best touch-up results?    Read below <

        1. Twirl the wand in the colour 2-3 times  to ensure there is plenty on the brush to apply to the hair

        2. Start on the part of the hairline where greys are most prominent.

        This will let these hairs process for the longest time to ensure grey coverage.

        3. Saturate the hair with colour

        4. Leave colour on for up to 60 minutes

        5. Try not to wash your hair 2-3 days after colouring