Colour Refresh

What you’ll need

  • MIIKOKO Colour Kit
    • Colour & Developer
    • Bowl
    • Brush
    • Gloves
    • Clothing protection cape
    • Clips
  • Kitchen scales
  • Timer (on your phone)

See full video on how to do a colour refresh. 


Set up

  1. Wear a button-up shirt
  2. Put on gloves and cape


Prep your

  1. Start with dry, combed hair.
  2. Part your hair down the middle into two sections, then part each section from the top of the head to just behind the ear.



  1. Using kitchen scales, mix 50g of colour with 75g of the developer (if you have long thick hair, mix all the contents together).

If you need strong grey coverage (up to 90%), mix 50g of colour with 50g of the developer.



  1. With a small scoop of colour of your brush start to paint the colour directly on to your regrowth – on both sides of your part.


Take the next section

1. In small 2 cm sections parallel to your part, work your way down one side of the head. Use the pointy end side of the brush to take the sections. Pinch the hair above the brush and lift.


Paint on Roots

  1. Repeat this action down the side of the head and around the ear.


Repeat on the other side

1. Repeat these steps on the other side of the head.


Back section

  1. Repeat the steps above on the back section. Take 2cm sections and work your way down the back of the head.



1. Repeat the same action underneath the hair around the neck.

2. When finished, set your timer for 20minutes OR per your individual instructions


Mix colour 2 *optional*

  1.  If your ends hair colour is lighter than your root colour, rinse your mixing bowl and dry it with a towel.
  2. Using kitchen scales, mix up 50g of your lighter colour with 75g of the developer (if you have long thick hair, mix up all the contents together)


Paint Mid-Lengths
and Ends

  1. After 15 mins, start with the same section and side of the head you did the roots, now take 4cm sections.
  2. Place your hand under the section and paint onto your mid lengths and ends of the hair using your hand as a support ‘backing’ for the brush.


Milk Mid-Lengths
and Ends

  1. With both hands milk the sections to ensure even spread of colour. Repeat on all sections.
  2. Set timer for 5 min.



1. Set your timer and relax

Timing for roots only
20 minutes

Timing for roots and ends
20 minutes roots
5 minutes on ends

Or see your personalised instructions.




  1. Rinse by shampooing the hair twice and conditioning from roots to ends. 

You’re done! 

Hair colour hints

Want to know our top tips to get the best colour refresh results?    Read below <

1. The dark colour is for the roots and the lighter colour should be applied at the ends.

2. Choose colours that are most similar to the colour that your currently have.

This will enhance your current hair colour and add shine without darkening or lightening the hair.

3. Saturate the hair with colour

4. Leave colour on for up to 30 minutes

5. Try not to wash your hair 2-3 days after colouring