Colour your hair without getting it all over your skin and bathroom

Is it possible to colour your hair without getting all over your skin, clothes and bathroom? … The answer is – YES! So many people ask us about this and there is definitely a way around it. Here we list out everything you need to do a clean colour application at home.


The tools

It’s important that you have the right tools. This makes such a difference in a good clean application. Make sure your tools are of good quality so that you can reuse them over and over. 



Clothing protecting cape

Gloves (that actually fit)

Hair clips 

Kitchen scales (to measure the 1:1,5 ratio for colour)

Wet tissue

Old towel (just in case)


The colour

Not all colour was created equal. A great test to know if your colour is of the right consistency is to scoop a small amount onto your brush (once mixed) and then hold the  brush upside down. Professional grade hair colour should not drip off the brush but should stay nicely scooped on the brush.  This tells you that the colour won’t run down your face during the application.     


The application

With the right tools and a good professional  grade hair colour you should be able to avoid most colour spills, but if you are still worried about getting colour on your skin, grab some vaseline to apply on your skin around your hairline before you start colouring your hair. This will act as a barrier and will make sure no colour stains the skin. Be careful not to get it on your hair as it will do the same for your hair and stop it from being coloured.        



1. Make sure you have the right tools to protect your hands and clothes from getting stained.

2. Choose a professional grade hair colour that is not runny.

3. Use vaseline around your hairline to act as a barrier for your skin. 


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