How to dye my hair at home?

First up: you’ll want to make sure you choose the right colour. Take our colour consult to find out if colouring your hair at home is right for you. 

Once you have the right colour for you and your personalised hair colour instructions, you can then start an allergy test. It is important to do an allergy test each time before you colour your hair, you can find out more here.

Next step is to do a strand test. Particularly if you’ve coloured or chemically treated your hair before, hair colours can behave in some slightly unexpected ways. Doing a strand test is easy! Mix a small amount of hair colour and developer in a bowl and apply it to a small stand of hair at the back near the nape. Leave the strand for 20mins, then wash and check the colour- easy!

Now that’s finished, you’ll want to use the cape and gloves provided, mix and apply the colour as per your personalised colour instructions. Each kit includes enough colour for 1-2 applications depending on how thick your hair is, so don’t mix everything at once because you might not need it all. 


  1. Find out if colouring your hair is right for you
  2. Choose the right colour
  3. Do an allergy + strand test
  4. Apply the colour as per your personalised instructions

MIIROKO Colour Library

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